Remote Video Consultation

Grow your practice - virtually. Get paid for Tele-Consultations.

Setup Tele-Consultations For Your Practice In 3 Easy Steps:
1. Download the remote consultation software here,
2. Contact us at or by calling +1 800 631-6085 to obtain your login credentials,
3. Your patients only need to get a free Skype account on any device they choose.

How Does Tele-Consultation Work?
1. The clinician schedules the audio-video session with a patient,
2. The clinician uses MedSkype(sm) to carry out the Tele-Consultation,
3. The patient answers the call on his/her device,
4. In most circumstances and in most states, the clinician can bill for this Tele-Consultation. CJPS can handle the claims to private payors, Medicaid or Medicare, as appropriate.

How Much Does It Cost?
Tele-Consultations through CJPS’ HIPAA-compliant MedSkype are a flat $89.95 per user, per month. With this monthly subscription, you can conduct an unlimited number of remote audio-video consultations each month and are free to cancel this service at any time.

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